How do you get fame on the social media platform?  If you can’t get manually, get the automatic retweet feature. 

Automatic Retweet

Being famous is a great thing as others will tell you or are made to believe.  But on the social media it is the in thing.  The social media platform users have one thing in common, they prefer to associate and communicate with those that have made it and are up there.  Being up there is not easy and if you care to talk to one of the people you consider (according to you) to famous, they will tell you one thing – being famous can be so tricky.  But how do you get fame on the social media platform?  If you can’t get manually, get the automatic retweet feature.

There are a lot of immense opportunities that those on the social media platform enjoy.  It is the only platform where there are no racial segregations.  The developed and the developing countries meet and share content, pictures, information and anything worth sharing.  They laugh, they poke, they fight and anything they can all on the social media platform.  It is one platform that one only ignores to join at their peril.  There is so much that one can learn from and be able to create lasting friendships all across the world.

When we talk about fame we need to discuss a little bit more.  The social media platform is one great platform where brands have been about to become famous.  It might look simple but it’s not that easy.  The social media fraternity and its followers have one thing in common.  They prefer communicating with those who have a large following.  If you are starting up, it will be proper to find away to catch up with your competitors if you want to drive traffic up your website and stay there for a longer time.  An automatic retweet service is a great way to do so.

Retweeting content allows you to share vital information with others who might have missed that out.  And remember that for content you retweet, all others on your team will do the same thereby enlarging the circle.  It is one way of driving traffic to your site in an easier and simpler way without even realizing it.  It is one simple way of acknowledging content from others and not taking credit for it.  But despite all that, you can still add content which can make a great change in the whole tweet still without taking any credit.

Finally, a simple thing as an automatic retweet has propelled so many people to fame.  To be famous you do not have to struggle when there are providers who can handle the same for just a few dollars.  When sending out a retweet the proper way to do it is to retweet the same to the original owner but don’t forget.  You never know, if they are famous people, they might choose to follow you thereby increasing your followers to a higher level that you originally thought.  Retweeting is one great way that allows more people to read the original tweet as it has a higher number of followers compared to the original content.

4 Ways to increase your Following on Instagram as a Business and get more likes from your posts

Did you know that you are more likely to engage with your customers more on instagram than in any other social network? Well, even though it only has about 400 million actives users per month, people are more likely to interact with you on instagram perhaps because it is mainly meant for posting visual images or info graphics. It only requires you to put out something that will make your followers want to share your content, and you could also see instagram likes on your posts rise drastically.
Though you might not get an increase in sales on your first day on Instagram, getting many instagram likes on your posts could be a great indication you are headed in the right decision. Concentrate therefore on creating likable posts. Market your well packaged products on instagram, tag influential instagram users and always thank your followers when they like and share your posts. If you do so, soon everyone will want to be a part of your company.

Instagram Likes and business.

In Instagram, a user will sometimes tap on a photo or a video twice as a sign of being impressed and liking that specific content. This act results in instagram likes. This like is always shown by the heart sign with that particular material. One can view the number of ” likes ” generated on a post. Some advantages have been associated with likes created in Instagram. They include:

  1. Creation of connections
  2. Form of interaction
  3. Newsfeed visibility
  4. Social proof

Let’s explore further on the above outlined positive impacts of Instagram likes in a business.

1.Creation of connections.

When one launches its business on the online platform like Instagram, the whole idea is to create a further connection with the consumers and clients of the services they are offering. Once the business account has posted a specific content, the people who will come into contact with the substance will respond by creating likes. This will show that the impression created is a positive one. As a result, a more profound connection will have been established by the clients online which will eventually transform into sales and profits of the business establishment.

2.Form of interactions

The world has moved digital at an alarming rate, and for any business looking to maintain its presence in the market, it only means that embracing the digital market is mandatory. Once a company has set up its account on Instagram, the content created and shared on this digital platform will reach out to masses who will show their appreciation by double-clicking the like button. As a result, this indicates a type of interaction that occurred between the business and the customers.

3 Newsfeed visibility.

As a business account holder competing in the digital platform its key that the posted content is visible to other account holders. These account holders can be customers or future consumers of the goods and services that the business offers. When the likes are generated on Instagram, it shows that there is someone somewhere who has seen the news and content shared. The likes created indicates the content shared is visible to other account users, As mentioned above these users can be your customers, potential clients or can refer their friends and families to your products. This will mean an increased sale and profits for the business.

4.An indication of social proof on line.

With the human nature of going with the masses, having many Instagram likes on a post will create a large following. The large following will indicate having a strong online presence in the digital market. Instagram likes generated on a post will attract other account users to come into contact with that particular content because everyone wants to be associated with a ” popular ” post. As mentioned earlier, the attracted masses will either be potential clients or will give referrals to the services and products in question. More profits will be realized with the increased population interested in that particular account.


Instagram enjoys a faithful following from all over the world. Having useful and productive content will guarantee business of an increased number of Instagram followers who will be clients or potential customers. It’s a digital avenue that a company should not ignore if one wants to establish a substantial presence online.

The best platforms to share insights is on social media, believe you me

If like many others you are reading this post, then you must have heard about the social media platforms and their benefits.  A lot of information is now shared on the social media platforms.  It has made everything easier and efficient.  The good thing about the platforms is that they make a very good marketing platform for marketers.  The Social Panel provides a very engaging platform where all people of the same interest/likes can interact and engage in useful discussion for hours.

What people fail to understand about the Panel for Twitter and the Panel for Instagram is that a lot of business ideas have been created that can never be broken.  So many people have also used the social platforms to make friends that will remain with them for life.  The panels are opened to all who are on social media platforms and who are able to share distance notwithstanding.  The open panels allow professionals in any industry to share their secrets and help others around the world pick some of the tips for their business and industry.

Why you need to fully understand the like key

How do you get your message across to other users on Twitter? There are many ways you can do so. You can choose to tweet or re-tweet and through that you will have shared the same information with a large number of people on the same platform. As you will note one of the things that will capture your attention about Twitter Likes is their new icon.
The icon is quite unique and you cannot miss it however much you try. The new icon is a sign of love and is a heart shaped red icon. One thing Twitter did was to do away with their icon that had become synonymous over the last few years since its inception. What really is the like button? Most people are at a great loss when prompted with the like icon.
In simple terms, the Twitter Likes icon allows other users to appreciate what one of their own has shared or posted. Apart from that, the like key can be referred to as a prompt key. It makes users know that you have read their article or post.

Would Social media networks exists without the free like Icon

There is virtually no social network without a like button. Some like twitter have both a like and favorite icon, while others like Instagram also have a heart icon besides the free likes icon.  Of course the main aim of the like icon is allow people express their joy, excitement or appreciation of other people’s posts by liking their posts. All the social networks have additional icons also, but the free like icon is relatively the most interesting of all them.

If this icon never existed, millions of Facebook users could probably have quit ages ago. Most selfies lovers on Instagram would have no business with the network if people never had the ability to like other people’s pictures. After all, what would be the measure of success on social media if people never had a way of expressing their emotions on your posts? However, there are still few networks that would somehow exist without a free like icon. YouTube and for instance would still be popular if the views icon were left intact. Twitter and a few other networks would still have fans, but not the millions they have today.

Random Likes for Free Likes and Free Followers

The world of social media is largely a world of give and take. It literally operates on the [premise of scratch my back and I will scratch yours. This then means that you cannot really expect to be the center of attention all day every day. You will be the center of attention for a few minutes and people will give you their attention but it only means that you should also give the next person the attention required when they become the Center of attention.

This then goes to say that if you are looking to get free likes and free followers on social media, you have to be ready to give free likes and freely follow lots and lots of people. People will definitely return the favor. Chances are high that you have already identified the audience that you have targeted on social media; those that you want to like and follow you on social media. The next step is now to start liking their photos and their posts and everything else that there is to like. Give random likes here and there; be careful to moderate it so you do not look like a stalker. The audience will definitely eventually return the favor in a big way.f1

Strategies for getting Influence rs to follow you on Twitter

Insert tweets in your website content. Display interesting or popular tweets to entice your website visitors to follow you on Twitter. In order to attract  followers, contribute in Twitter chats. Chats are a great way to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Follow those you meet in the chat, and they’re prone to follow you back.

Pin an attention-grabbing tweet to the top of your stream. When people check out your profile, this is what will entice them to follow you back.

Find new followers using Ignitwit. Choose the topics that interest you and receive a list of users you should follow. They will give you relevant feedback, giving you the ability to drop uninterested people.

Request your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter. Let them know about interesting topics they can expect to get if they follow you.

Help others get visibility too. Twitter is about making connections and generating great content, not about selling. Put the needs of others first and your follower count will naturally grow. Search users who share your interests.

Getting Connected and Being a Connector

Get involved in #FF Follow Friday. Frequently add free followers and suggest other users to follow you too. This is increases your follower count. Retweet influence rs and give helpful feedback. Post the same content several times.  The lifespan of a tweet is estimated at approximately 18 minutes. It is therefore important to Tweet your links a number of times over the course of a day to give your tweets as much visibility as possible.f2

Mention users in your tweets, asking them for their contribution. It’s hard to resist answering a question when you’re asked by name!

Link your Twitter profile on your other social media platforms to easily obtain free followers. Always reply to questions as good etiquette, but it signals that you actually discern and care about your followers, and that you’re worth following. Insert a follow button on your website or blog Post. Provide engaging, informative content with a solid base of valuable, relevant information, to increase your follower count exponentially. Tweet often, but not obnoxiously. A research study shows that people get offended due to many random tweets.

Why it matters to gain more Free Followers in Instagram?

The social media site Instagram is gaining popularity every single day and as a matter of fact more and more people are so hooked with it. So, if you happen to have an Instagram account, keep in mind that it is necessary to have huge following so you can make it even more effective and influential.

Moreover, this is particularly the case if you use this site as a scheme to promote your product or service. Undoubtedly, obtaining a sufficient number of followers in this social media platform may take considerable amount of time since you cannot magically have huge following overnight.


Everything worth knowing about twitter polls

It is easy to know and see once you have made your twitter polls.  A checkmark will be indicated against the option you chose either for or against.   There is a lot of privacy embedded in the polls making it one very trusted platform.   This is a good thing as nobody will be able to know who voted for them or who was against them.  The fact that all they have is the tallying at end is a good thing by twitter and its staff.  When people get to know about individual’s voting pattern it can a little ugly even on social media.

There are other interesting features worth considering when polling.  If you feel that your twitter polls needs more attention than in an ordinary platform, you can choose to give it an extra boost by pinning it on your timeline.  Pinned polls are easier to see and are known to receive a large number of votes or polls whichever is important.  So if you think that you want to be heard and needs extra votes, then consider pinning your polls.  As discussed earlier the voting is private and you have no way of knowing who voted for or against you.

How a business will benefit from twitter polls.


Twitter polls refers to the type of polls that one can carry out on Twitter in regards to a certain subject or topic on their accounts. These types of polls are easier to create and can be done from a mobile phone. These types of polls in most cases have a limited number of answers like four per poll. They are also timed so that the twitter users will have a restricted  time for voting and the results  will be shown in percentage and within a specified period. When a controversial topic is being voted on, personal choices will not indicated and the poll results are always viewed publicly by the users. There are advantages that have been associated by these types of polls for a business. They include:

  • Interaction point
  • Indicate trending topics
  • feedback collection
  • Discover clients preferences

The interaction point

As a digital platform, twitter works by a business account posting its content which might be a picture, video or a link leading to the main website. Not much interactions are made here  but any concerns that a  follower mighty have will be addressed. The polls however have more detailed interaction between the business account and its followers The well selected questions and areas will provide an avenue where the followers can express their concerns and opinions in regards to the targeted subject.

Indicate a trending topic.

when a business account puts up a poll, the followers who in most case might be clients or potential customers will participate and in most cases indicate the most trendy preferable topics in the market .This  topic will then make it easier of the business owner to narrow down in the services and products that are much preferred  by the customers. At the end of the day the customers needs will been have met and profits achieved by the business. It’s a win -win situation for all parties.

Feedback collection

in most cases, a business account can set up a poll as a way of collecting feedback in regards to a certain product or service that they provide. The business customers will participate and offer their genuine honest opinions of the said products. The good this is that clients will give the blunt truth especially if they were dissatisfied by the services offered. On the other hand, if the services offered were top of the game they will say the same. Polls are one of the tools that a business can maximize on twitter to collect honest feedback which will help in improvement of services  being offered.

Discover of clients preferences

when these polls are set up by a business, there is a high chance of discovering what a client would have preferred instead of what has been offered. Once this knowledge has been brought to the attention of the provider then there is a high chance of tapping into the preferred areas  and expanding of businesses. This will result in happy satisfied clients which will mean increased profits on the business side. This will leave all parties happy and content in the business.

Twitter polls should be carried out by any serious business that is looking at maximizing Twitter  as a form of digital market platform.

Consider Timing To Engage Your Periscope Followers.

After gaining a good number of periscope followers, the focus now shifts to determining the timing that will help you get most views as possible. The huge following only adds value if it translates to most views on the live content you are posting. Since this periscope platform is connected to Twitter, it provides an avenue to study patterns of your twitter followers and incorporate the same into this app to make it more engaging. Maybe you are posting great content but at the wrong time that is translating to the fewer views. You may end up changing the whole content in the wake of increasing views only to worsen the situation. This is because the few people you attracted will walk away if you change the whole content.

Consider posting content when most people are online maybe during weekends or lunch breaks during weekdays. This will target both Twitter and periscope followers that will help you attract others with the hearts you are amassing here. Most followers use the mobile phones hence consider the length of your broadcasts using short and catchy videos only to enable them to stream to the end.

An easy and effective way of sharing hearts of love with broadcasters

Now that you know what periscope hearts are, it is also important to know how they work and what you need to know regarding the app.  Most probably you already have signed in and have an account.  What then is the next step?  It is also important to bring this information to users that accounts are created on their iPad or other mobile device.  The hearts are easily described as ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘favorites’ on twitter.  Most people are still confused on what likes really are making it a little difficult for them to delve into the platform.  But this, I want to think it should not pose a problem.

Hearts are the only way you can show your appreciation for what has been broadcasted.  Each time you tap the screen you share a heart you of love on the platform with the broadcaster.  To enjoy your periscope hearts platform you need to sign in by tapping the ‘ok’ button which you will find on the welcome page.  Once you have logged in, you will have access to the dashboard.    It is on the dashboard that you will be able to effectively see a live list of your followers or broadcasters.