4 Ways to increase your Following on Instagram as a Business and get more likes from your posts

News 02:09 September 2023:

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Did you know that you are more likely to engage with your customers more on instagram than in any other social network? Well, even though it only has about 400 million actives users per month, people are more likely to interact with you on instagram perhaps because it is mainly meant for posting visual images or info graphics. It only requires you to put out something that will make your followers want to share your content, and you could also see instagram likes on your posts rise drastically.
Though you might not get an increase in sales on your first day on Instagram, getting many instagram likes on your posts could be a great indication you are headed in the right decision. Concentrate therefore on creating likable posts. Market your well packaged products on instagram, tag influential instagram users and always thank your followers when they like and share your posts. If you do so, soon everyone will want to be a part of your company.

Instagram Likes and business.

In Instagram, a user will sometimes tap on a photo or a video twice as a sign of being impressed and liking that specific content. This act results in instagram likes. This like is always shown by the heart sign with that particular material. One can view the number of ” likes ” generated on a post. Some advantages have been associated with likes created in Instagram. They include:

  1. Creation of connections
  2. Form of interaction
  3. Newsfeed visibility
  4. Social proof

Let’s explore further on the above outlined positive impacts of Instagram likes in a business.

1.Creation of connections.

When one launches its business on the online platform like Instagram, the whole idea is to create a further connection with the consumers and clients of the services they are offering. Once the business account has posted a specific content, the people who will come into contact with the substance will respond by creating likes. This will show that the impression created is a positive one. As a result, a more profound connection will have been established by the clients online which will eventually transform into sales and profits of the business establishment.

2.Form of interactions

The world has moved digital at an alarming rate, and for any business looking to maintain its presence in the market, it only means that embracing the digital market is mandatory. Once a company has set up its account on Instagram, the content created and shared on this digital platform will reach out to masses who will show their appreciation by double-clicking the like button. As a result, this indicates a type of interaction that occurred between the business and the customers.

3 Newsfeed visibility.

As a business account holder competing in the digital platform its key that the posted content is visible to other account holders. These account holders can be customers or future consumers of the goods and services that the business offers. When the likes are generated on Instagram, it shows that there is someone somewhere who has seen the news and content shared. The likes created indicates the content shared is visible to other account users, As mentioned above these users can be your customers, potential clients or can refer their friends and families to your products. This will mean an increased sale and profits for the business.

4.An indication of social proof on line.

With the human nature of going with the masses, having many Instagram likes on a post will create a large following. The large following will indicate having a strong online presence in the digital market. Instagram likes generated on a post will attract other account users to come into contact with that particular content because everyone wants to be associated with a ” popular ” post. As mentioned earlier, the attracted masses will either be potential clients or will give referrals to the services and products in question. More profits will be realized with the increased population interested in that particular account.


Instagram enjoys a faithful following from all over the world. Having useful and productive content will guarantee business of an increased number of Instagram followers who will be clients or potential customers. It’s a digital avenue that a company should not ignore if one wants to establish a substantial presence online.