Everything worth knowing about twitter polls

News 04:09 September 2023:

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It is easy to know and see once you have made your twitter polls.  A checkmark will be indicated against the option you chose either for or against.   There is a lot of privacy embedded in the polls making it one very trusted platform.   This is a good thing as nobody will be able to know who voted for them or who was against them.  The fact that all they have is the tallying at end is a good thing by twitter and its staff.  When people get to know about individual’s voting pattern it can a little ugly even on social media.

There are other interesting features worth considering when polling.  If you feel that your twitter polls needs more attention than in an ordinary platform, you can choose to give it an extra boost by pinning it on your timeline.  Pinned polls are easier to see and are known to receive a large number of votes or polls whichever is important.  So if you think that you want to be heard and needs extra votes, then consider pinning your polls.  As discussed earlier the voting is private and you have no way of knowing who voted for or against you.

How a business will benefit from twitter polls.


Twitter polls refers to the type of polls that one can carry out on Twitter in regards to a certain subject or topic on their accounts. These types of polls are easier to create and can be done from a mobile phone. These types of polls in most cases have a limited number of answers like four per poll. They are also timed so that the twitter users will have a restricted  time for voting and the results  will be shown in percentage and within a specified period. When a controversial topic is being voted on, personal choices will not indicated and the poll results are always viewed publicly by the users. There are advantages that have been associated by these types of polls for a business. They include:

  • Interaction point
  • Indicate trending topics
  • feedback collection
  • Discover clients preferences

The interaction point

As a digital platform, twitter works by a business account posting its content which might be a picture, video or a link leading to the main website. Not much interactions are made here  but any concerns that a  follower mighty have will be addressed. The polls however have more detailed interaction between the business account and its followers The well selected questions and areas will provide an avenue where the followers can express their concerns and opinions in regards to the targeted subject.

Indicate a trending topic.

when a business account puts up a poll, the followers who in most case might be clients or potential customers will participate and in most cases indicate the most trendy preferable topics in the market .This  topic will then make it easier of the business owner to narrow down in the services and products that are much preferred  by the customers. At the end of the day the customers needs will been have met and profits achieved by the business. It’s a win -win situation for all parties.

Feedback collection

in most cases, a business account can set up a poll as a way of collecting feedback in regards to a certain product or service that they provide. The business customers will participate and offer their genuine honest opinions of the said products. The good this is that clients will give the blunt truth especially if they were dissatisfied by the services offered. On the other hand, if the services offered were top of the game they will say the same. Polls are one of the tools that a business can maximize on twitter to collect honest feedback which will help in improvement of services  being offered.

Discover of clients preferences

when these polls are set up by a business, there is a high chance of discovering what a client would have preferred instead of what has been offered. Once this knowledge has been brought to the attention of the provider then there is a high chance of tapping into the preferred areas  and expanding of businesses. This will result in happy satisfied clients which will mean increased profits on the business side. This will leave all parties happy and content in the business.

Twitter polls should be carried out by any serious business that is looking at maximizing Twitter  as a form of digital market platform.